Meal Prep – October 22-26

After being out of town, I was ready to get back in the kitchen last week.  I had missed my meal prep and, with the Fall weather rolling in, it seemed like the perfect time for a slow cooker roast.  (Roast leftovers are the best!)  So, first things first, I seared my roast and got it in the slow cooker.

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Vegas, Baby

Fall is tiptoeing in and it’s been an inspirational week!  I had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas to attend a symposium for work.  Vegas.  For work.  I’d never been before!

The trip started off with the company of a book by Ruth Reichl.  I had read Delicious! and seen her on Top Chef Masters so I figured it was a safe bet (for $2!).  It over-delivered.  My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life was wonderful.  Wonderful!  To cope with losing her job when Gourmet magazine closed down, Ruth Reichl cooked to recover.  The way she talked about food is magical and the recipes themselves look great.  Tasty and totally doable.  I’ve been in a bit of a food rut lately and this book got me excited.  I finished it before the trip to Vegas was over and felt ready to get my symposiuming on.  (Aren’t books the best?)

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Make Ahead Stuffed Zucchini Boats

I turned around and it’s June. June! What happened to May?!

(Really, I guess it’s not that mysterious. Music Fest, BBQ Fest, Mother’s Day, birthday parties and projects are what happened to May.)

Adding to the blur, on Memorial Day weekend there was a huge storm that ran through Memphis. It left almost 200,000 without power and we were part of that group. Fortunately, ours got fixed after a couple of days. But because of that, we had a week without groceries, which meant zero meal prep.

So last weekend, I was ready to be back in the kitchen! I made breakfast scrambles and a couple taco salads for lunch. Marinated chicken drumsticks to have with make-ahead slow cooker carrots. Threw together a chicken spaghetti. And made zucchini boats.

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Meal Prep with some before and after… (But only some. Because it’s only Tuesday.)

What a month May has turned into… Every weekend has been filled with activities and projects. (Yay! I love activities and projects!) The projecting will be culminating this Sunday when we host Mother’s Day for the first time at the new house. And I really want everything to look nice – also, I’m more likely to get things done with a deadline – so I’ve been doing a lot more projecting than meal prepping the last couple weekends.

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Make Ahead “Enchilada” “Casserole”

I love a good casserole. But they’re often heavy in fat or pasta or soup can recipes. So I tend to save recipes and then change them, errr, a lot. And they usually turn out fine. Often downright good! And they pretty much always, at very least, resemble the picture in the recipe.

But this one did not.

This one looked…. Weird. And soupy.

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