Make Ahead Stuffed Zucchini Boats

I turned around and it’s June. June! What happened to May?!

(Really, I guess it’s not that mysterious. Music Fest, BBQ Fest, Mother’s Day, birthday parties and projects are what happened to May.)

Adding to the blur, on Memorial Day weekend there was a huge storm that ran through Memphis. It left almost 200,000 without power and we were part of that group. Fortunately, ours got fixed after a couple of days. But because of that, we had a week without groceries, which meant zero meal prep.

So last weekend, I was ready to be back in the kitchen! I made breakfast scrambles and a couple taco salads for lunch. Marinated chicken drumsticks to have with make-ahead slow cooker carrots. Threw together a chicken spaghetti. And made zucchini boats.


I love zucchini season. And I love zucchini boats. I love that they’re low-carb and have more veggies than you think. Also, they’re just fun to look at.


I hadn’t made these in a while and I thought they were pretty fun to make too. Which, I can’t say about everything. (Like, who enjoys deboning chicken thighs or wringing the liquid out of spaghetti squash?)

I followed this Skinny Taste recipe pretty closely, just subbing some ground turkey I had on hand for the chicken sausage. Earlier in prep, I had caramelized a batch of 3 large onions so I added a several heaping spoonfuls for some nice sweet onion flavor too.

Melty for the win. Always.

I’m thinking a taco version might be next? Add a little roasted poblano with taco seasoning and enchilada sauce, maybe? I’m also thinking these would freeze well. (Which means I should make a bigger batch next time!)

It’s been a much better week with both groceries and prepped food in the house. Eating out seemed like it would be fun but a week of pizza, burgers and Chinese delivery made me feel terrible. Also every night was a ‘what do you want to eat?’ ‘I don’t knowwww, what do you want to eat?’ routine. A couple hours prep on a Sunday afternoon really makes a big difference in our all-around quality of life.

I will leave you with a couple pics of the poor fallen tree that took down our power lines, poles, and blocked our road for 3 days. RIP.



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