Vegas, Baby

Fall is tiptoeing in and it’s been an inspirational week!  I had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas to attend a symposium for work.  Vegas.  For work.  I’d never been before!

The trip started off with the company of a book by Ruth Reichl.  I had read Delicious! and seen her on Top Chef Masters so I figured it was a safe bet (for $2!).  It over-delivered.  My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes That Saved My Life was wonderful.  Wonderful!  To cope with losing her job when Gourmet magazine closed down, Ruth Reichl cooked to recover.  The way she talked about food is magical and the recipes themselves look great.  Tasty and totally doable.  I’ve been in a bit of a food rut lately and this book got me excited.  I finished it before the trip to Vegas was over and felt ready to get my symposiuming on.  (Aren’t books the best?)

So on to the symposium!  There were keynote speakers.  Breakout sessions.  Mark Hammill.  So many ideas!  I learned a ton and am excited to bring it all back and get to work.  I’m so thankful to have a job that invested in this (very expensive) training.

And now for some pics…
las-vegas-sitecore-airportThe airport.  I knew it was big deal when I saw all of the signage in the baggage claim area.  Also, slot machines as soon as you get off the plane?  Oh, Vegas.  I shouldn’t have been surprised. las-vegas-mirage-buffetFirst night, the time change was a jolt.  Ate the buffet at bedtime.  Also, the light was terrible.  I can see how easy it would be to lose track of time. las-vegas-sitecore-symposiumThe scene at breakfast.  They said that the size had doubled since last year with almost 3,000 attendees.las-vegas-sitecore-breakfast-baconThe buffet day #1 was solid.las-vegas-sitecore-strongStarted with a moment of silence.las-vegas-sitecore-lunch-short-ribLunch was surprisingly good for the amount of food they had to turn out.  The beef short ribs were REALLY good.las-vegas-sitecore-breakfast-sausageBreakfast buffet day #2 continued to be solid. las-vegas-sitecore-lunch-chicken-piccataAnother ginormous lunch.  Italian.  I stayed away from the pasta but it looked good.  Not pictured, a fabulous tiny cheesecake. las-vegas-mark-hamill-luke-skywalkerLuke Skywalker!  A fireside chat with Mark Hamill.  He was warm, funny and it was over too quickly.las-vegas-strip-flamingolas-vegas-strip

The Strip.
The fountain show at the Bellagio.
Wahlburger’s burger.  (Very nice.  But Huey’s is better.)
Inside the Omni nightclub that was rented out for us.  (Yes, those are ladies dangling from the ceiling.)
Last day ended on a good note.  I had a great time but it sure was nice to get home.  The dogs went crazy when they saw me and the hubs said he missed me.  (Likely largely because he’s ready to watch this week’s episodes of the Voice, but still.)  A great week in combination with the temperatures dropping have me feeling good and ready to go.  Big stuff happening at work.  Tme for soups and slow braises.  I’m liking you, October!



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