Meal Prep – October 22-26

After being out of town, I was ready to get back in the kitchen last week.  I had missed my meal prep and, with the Fall weather rolling in, it seemed like the perfect time for a slow cooker roast.  (Roast leftovers are the best!)  So, first things first, I seared my roast and got it in the slow cooker.

Put on the slow cooker roast
Low and slow

It was a rainy and chilly Sunday which made for the best afternoon in the kitchen.meal-prep_egg-scramble_mushroomsI had some gorgeous mushrooms and I cooked them for a long time, getting all of the water out and ready for my breakfast scrambles.  Topped the scrambles off with the last of the salsa verde that my girl friend, Tara, made for my birthday.  (I’d been portioning out the frozen cubes and I feel a little panicked now that it’s all gone.)

Spinach and egg breakfast scrambles

Next, I moved on to the food for the week.

Cauliflower pearls for fried rice.
Lots of chopping for cauliflower beef “fried rice”
Spaghetti squash casserole
Spaghetti squash Hawaiian pizza bake

~ Not pictured, green beans seasoned in the bag with prepped and dried chicken drumsticks.

Sunday Dinnermeal-prep_roast_slow-cooker_cooked

After a long day of cooking, the roast was perfect and had a great flavor.


Plenty of leftovers for great lunches and even a couple meals I portioned away in the freezer for later.

Monday Dinner

Beef cauliflower fried rice
Look at that steak cooked perfectly medium!

The chopping paid off.  Dinner took under half an hour to get from fridge to plate.  (Or rather, bowl.)  The hubs loves these “fried rice” meals and love that they’re low carb.  (I eat carbs, don’t get me wrong, but like to keep it down at dinner.)  And more great leftovers!  (Also, I just love using my griddle pan.)

Close-up of beef fried rice
Right before it was doused with spicy mustard and Sriracha

Tuesday Dinner

The crisp evening air made for a perfect night to grill.  Easy cooking for me since the hubs handles heating up the grill.  And easy to clean up too since I aluminum-foil-packet everything.

Not much to see here…
Grilled chicken drumsticks, potatoes and green beans.
The reveal!

It doesn’t get much easier – prep-wise – than this meal.


Wednesday Dinner


The hubs put it in while I was at the gym so I came home to a hot & ready meal.

Thursday Dinner

We had plenty of leftovers so on Thursday we rested.

Sleeping dog
Some of us on more pillows than others

I am such a fan of food prep on the weekend to make for an easy week.  On to planning the next round…  Oh, and how could I almost forget?  Happy Halloween!


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