I was born in a time pre-internet.  To people that liked books and eating.  I grew up on black and white movies and the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  (I always wanted to be Mary but I know I’m Rhoda.  And to that I say, what’s wrong with Rhoda?  She was terrific.  Rhoda had all the funny lines and great headscarves.  She just got the short end of it with that tiny, pink apartment.)


I moved from Middle Tennessee to Memphis for college.  After graduating, I stuck around and got a job in graphic design, married, bought a house and a couple dogs, and that was that.  Until the day my husband said he wanted to move to Kansas City and get into the restaurant business.

“Why not?”  I said, “I’m ready for a change.”

Fools’ words.  Change is bad.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.  No one slapped me and, before I knew it, I was sitting alone in the Midwest.

Kansas City was a great place to live.  But it’s hard to make friends when you’re older.  It’s hard when you can’t drive back home for a visit without the drive taking a full day.  And it’s super-hard when the restaurant business eats the one person you know – in this case, my hubs – who you only see when they’re sleeping.  And then they say you creep them out because they don’t like to be stared at when they’re sleeping.

So for a year and a half, he worked and I worked.  And then we worked some more.  And it was a enough.  We decided to pack it up and head back to Memphis.  Where we had more life than just working and sleeping on repeat.  I’d say we picked up where we left off.  But it’s better.  Because I appreciate home all that much more.  And I’m happy to share just another with you.  Just another beautiful day.  Just another dinner.  Just another doggie cuddle.  Just another blog.

Because, as even Ted Baxter knows, life is about perspective –

Mary: “It’s not my furniture that needs rearranging, it’s my life… My life is dull… How do I change that?”

Ted: “You want to know how to change your life, Mary? I’ll tell you how to change your life. I’ve known you for six years now, I know exactly what’s wrong with your life…[each of the following said in a more depressed tone] You wake up, you eat breakfast, you drive to work, you say hello to your friends, you work at your job, you go to lunch, you work some more, you say goodbye to your friends, you drive home, you have dinner, you sit down, you watch television, you read a magazine, you go to sleep. Am I right?”

Mary nods in agreement, head bowed.

Ted: “You want to change your life completely, this is what you’ve gotta do starting tomorrow…[each of the following said in a more upbeat tone] You eat breakfast! [eating motions] You drive to work! [steering wheel motions] You say hello to your friends! You work at your job! You go to lunch! You work some more! You say goodbye to your friends! You drive home! You have dinner! You sit down! Yu watch television! Y you read a magazine! [dramatic finish] And you go…to…sleep!!! [applause]

From Season 6, episode 2 of the Mary Tyler Moore Show